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Wednesday, 25 January 2017


e-mail: zlatkovsky@mail.ru, zlatkovsky@hotmail.com 

Born in 1944
Works and Lives in Moscow, Russia

Professional artist at the fields of the cartoons, illustrations, posters, animations, mass media design

282 international awards, including about 60 Grand and First prizes in Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Iran, Japan, Poland, Russia, Serbia, USA, Yugoslavia

The Russian National Journalism Prize “Golden pen”

Personal expositions in Armenia, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, Yugoslavia

Honor member of The French Academy of the Humor art,International Academy of Pedagogy, St. Petersburg Academy of the Grand Maestroes
President and member of Juries in Bulgaria, Chine, N.Cyprus, Italy, Iran,France, Poland, Russia, Turkey, USA, Yugoslavia
Founder and President of the Russian Cartoonists Union
Professor, Ph.D. degree in the art research sciences
Author of the book “The History of the cartooning in Russia”
Knight of the Order of The Legion of Honor, France

Technique: mixed technique
Dimensions: 50 x 70cm

First originals: 5 -10 000 Eur / Author's copies: 2-3 000 Eur
"Piggy bank"© Mikhail Zlatkovsky
"Two sides of Life" © Mikhail Zlatkovsky
"Labyrint banner" © Mikhail Zlatkovsky
"Cage" © Mikhail Zlatkovsky

"Courtains" © Mikhail Zlatkovsky
"Cross sale" © Mikhail Zlatkovsky

"Fake world" © Mikhail Zlatkovsky
"Icar" © Mikhail Zlatkovsky
"Labyrint" © Mikhail Zlatkovsky

"Last tree" © Mikhail Zlatkovsky

"Monster" © Mikhail Zlatkovsky