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Wednesday 1 February 2012


e-mail:  bondarowicz@wp.pl 

Born in 1976

Cartoonist, illustrator & graphic designer
Graduated from the Radom Kazimierz Puławski Polytechnic

Participant, juror, and winner of international competitions in editorial & satirical drawing
His works can be found in numerous collections.

Lives and works in Starachowice, Poland

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He is consiedered as one of the most distinguished artists of caricature and satirical drawing in Poland. He made his debut in 2004 in the daily "Puls Biznesu". He colaborated with such magazines as: „BusinessWeek”, „Fakt”, „Focus”, „Forbes”, „Fronda”, „Harvard Business Review Polska”, „Le Monde Diplomatique – Polish Edition”, „National Geographic”, „Nie”, „Newsweek – Polska”, „Polska The Times”, „Poland Monthly”, „Przekrój”, „Puls Biznesu”, „Tygodnik Powszechny” ect. and also outside Poland in: „Cartoon Weekly” (China), „Catapult Art Magazine” (USA), „Eulenspiegel Satiremagazin” (Germany), „Fire Humor Magazine” (Turkey), „Himal Southasian” (Nepal), „Pulse” (Great Britain), „Stern” (Germany), „Yeni Akrep – New Scorpion – International Cartoon Magazine” (USA) and many others. His works are full of symbolism and metafors in the surrealist convention.  Awarded in Poland, Iran, Germany, China, Serbia, USA, Spain and so on.

Statement of the artist: 

"In today's world - in an age when traditional patterns are threatened by globalisation, when value hierarchies are being blurred by the dominant liberal ideology and when the autonomy and individuality of the artistic message is being undermined by advertisements, billboards, spots and clips - the individual artist's manual and craftsman like dexterity are in greater than ever demand for me.
My works refer to the tradition of the Polish school of poster art, a poster art which was philosophical, brief, at the same time, harbouring ambitions of a wider social resonance.
There are symbolic pictures of an autobiographical and existential character. Autobiography became a shelter and a starting-point for my work.
The painter's image - “corporeality of Art” are the counterweight to the stereotype proposed by the media, the counterweight to the virtual reality of the electronic media."


N.A. All works are avalable, also, in the following formats:
Print, original signed, 210x297 cm, 100 eur
Print, original signed, 297x420 cm, 200 eur