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Sunday 7 November 2010

Florian-Doru CRIHANA

e-mail: fdcrihana@yahoo.com

1958 Born on 7th April in Galati, Romania as Aries, sign which strongly influenced his life and activity.

Lives and works in Galaţi, Romania

1984 Graduated of Naval Architecture Institute

1985 Debut in cartoon competitions in the “Summer Salon” Braila Romania

1986 Debut in press at Rebus Magazine. He meets the journalist Tudor Octavian and received from him the main advices to make good cartoons. He meets the cartoonist Pavel Botezatu with whom during a few years had long discussions about art, cartoon, competitions, festivals, associations.

1989 He won the first international prizes, an Honourable Mention in the Aydin Dogan Competition Ankara, Turkey and Grand Prix Novi Sad, Yugoslavia

1990 He met the journalist Dieter Burkamp and started a long collaboration and friendship.

1991 He resigned of the engineer occupation becoming cartoonist and painter. His works were included in the exhibition “Europaische Kunstler der Gegenwart” at the Wilhelm-Busch-Museum Hannover, Germany.

1999 He starts making a cartoon collection especially with Romanian works. His request to join the Romanian Artists Union was rejected.

2000 It is the year he start building cartoons galleries in Galati: Gallery "Paradox", Gallery “1st Floor”, Gallery “At Emergency” and the "Cartoon Gallery" of the Galati University

2004 He started with his wife Juliana the magazine “Buletin informativ” and the English version “Romanian News Report”.

2005 Included in the exhibition "Spuren des Don Quijote" displayed in Museum im Schloss Bad Pyrmont - Germany. The exhibition have been displayed before in 2004 at Monchehaus Museum Goslar and later in Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirsche Osnabruck.

2007 He was received to be member of UAP – The Romanian Artist Union.

2009 Dieter Burkamp publishes the monography “Florian Doru Crihana - Satirische Idyllen” at "Kerber Art" Publishig House - Germany



    "Satirische Idyllen"

    26 x 20 cm, hard cover, 96 pages, full colour images

    Editor Dieter Burkamp, KERBER Art Verlag

    25 Eur / per piece