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Thursday, 17 March 2016


e-mail: mihaignt@yahoo.com  

Satirical illustrator

His first debut in caricature was in 1987 with the participation to the “House of Humor and Satire” in Gabrovo, Bulgaria.

“He began his career using the linocut technique, but he changed afterwards to watercolors. His grand successes came along when Romanian caricature was searching for a new way of interpretation, as in 1990 there was an important change in Romania’s politic system. Mihai Ignat reused old topics of his drawings, but he got himself noticed by using new ways of expression. Therefore, he often changed not one, but two elements of a real situation. Thus the two faced caricature is born, a more complex caricature, characteristic to that period of time. Ignat actually invents fictional situations, on which he creates a joke appreciated both by the jury and the public. Presenting a graphic work of art rich and various in the topics that the artists uses as a matter of approach, from anecdote to parable, from pastiche to ingenious invention, Mihai Ignat has succeeded winning the upper hand over national and international exhibitions as he is a master of black humor.”

 He has won many international and national awards in countries such as Norway (Friedrikstad), Russia (Moscow), Ukraine (Zaporoje, Kiev), Croatia (Zagreb), Japan (Tokyo), Italy (Cuneo, Trento, Tolentino, Marostica, Folignio, Spilinbergo), Poland (Zelona Gora, Legnica, Niemodlin), Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara), Korea (Seoul), England (London), Taiwan (Taipei), Belgium (Bree), Bulgaria (Gabrovo, Sofia), Portugal (Porto), Iran (Teheran), Serbia (Zemun), Greece (Rhodes), Canada (Otawa), Sweden (Stokholm), China (Nanjing), Cyprus (Nicosia), Germany (Berlin), Mexico (Mazatlan). In Romania also he gets awarded in Suceava, Tulcia, Bucuresti, Ploiesti and Braila.

His creations are held in private collections, in museums and other institutions representing caricature in the whole wild world, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Teheran, Museum of Caricature from Istanbul, Warsaw, the Collection of Satyrykon Foundation in Legnica, cartoon exhibition in Montreal, Canada, the Biennale of Caricature in Ceara, Brazilia.

Lives and works in Ploiești, Romania

©  "Universal Key", linocut - signed & numbering, 42x29,9cm, 100eur
© "Rubbish", linocut - signed & numbering, 42x29,9cm, 100eur
©  "In the Spotlight",  linocut - signed & numbering, 29,9x42cm, 100eur
©  "CELLO",  linocut - signed & numbering, 29,9x42cm, 100eur
©  "Hammer and Sickle", linocut - signed & numbering, 29,9x42cm, 100eur